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Medications Used in Treatment of Autism.  A Genetic Clue to Why Autism Affects Boys More.
Autism and vaccines. 1 in 100 Children Affected with autism.
Autism:  To Cure or Not to Cure. Speech and Language Problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Research Points to Genetic Link in Autism. Challenges Siblings of Children with Autism Face.
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Mom Wins Fight For Autism Insurance.
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Autism information, autism articles and autism in the news - Autism, is it part of your life?  You are not alone living with autism.
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Living with Autism
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Bronx mother, autistic son found dead in suspected
Dallas mom killed her two children because they were
autistic: 911 recording...
Autistic boy's accused killer was delusional...
Autistic Boy Is Slashed to Death and His Father Is
Five-Year-Old Autistic Boy, Brandon Williams, dead with
Overdose of Cold Medicine...  
Deaths of Children with Autism in Group Homes
Toronto woman guilty of drowning autistic daughter.
Woman Suffocates Autistic Daughter with a Plastic
Garbage Bag
Montana Mother Kept Dead Son, 2, in Car Trunk
Autistic girl, 8, cuffed after school scuffle.